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Wooden Outdoor Bird Cage

Wooden Outdoor Bird Cage

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  • - WOODEN CONSTRUCTION: Built with solid fir wood frame which is natural and secure for birds, in tandem with powder-coated metal grids for better ventilation and keep your birds in sight. Perfect size for doves, love birds, finches, quails or other small flying birds.

  • - ALL FOR BIRDS: Includes one large ront door and two small doors with lockable bolts for your birds'safety and freely access for birds, 4 perches for bird's relaxing and decompression, and a vertical small pillar for them to peck or as a chew toy. A removable bottom tray of large flight cage is easy to pull out for daily clean-up.

  • - PROTECTIVE DESIGN: Features an asphalt roof to protect against rain and sun. High feet help keep out small animals, and avoid trapped moisture under the structure.

  • - SPACIOUS: Give your feathered friends the room they need to walk around comfortably, and fully flap and stretch their wings. This parakeet cage is spacious enough for several perches, bird food bowls, and toys!

  • - PRODUCT INFORMATION: Overall Dimension: 31.75" L x 22.5" W x 60.25" H. Area: 3 sq.ft. Not suitable for aggressive birds.


Give your feathered friends their dream home with our PawHut outdoor roomy cage for birds. Birds love to stay outside with fresh air and warm sunshine to perch and play. This bird cage with stand built with fir wood which is totally sturdy and secure for birds. 4 little perches for birds relaxing and playing, 3 doors for birds' freely access and your easy feeding, in tandem with a removable bottom tray to do daily cleaning job without any hassle.


  • - Compact vertical design of this budgie cage for multiple birds to live comfortably

  • - Chicken wire to protect birds from outside predators

  • - Made of lightweight, weather-resistant fir wood

  • - 3 doors for birds' freely access and your easy feeding

  • - Water-resistant composite asphalt roof, baseboard and finish to help endure the elements

  • - A removable bottom tray for easy cleaning job

  • - 4 perches for birds' relaxing and playing

  • - Not suitable for aggressive birds

  • - Lockable bolts on the doors for birds' safety when you're not around


  • - Color: Orange

  • - Material: Fir Wood, Metal Wire

  • - Overall Dimensions: 31.75" L x 22.5" W x 60.25" H

  • - Area: 3 sq.ft

  • - Door Size: 22.75" W x 20.75" H (Front). 7.5" W x 7.75" H (Side)

  • - Bottom Tray Size: 23" L x 17" W

  • - Off The Ground: 4.25"

  • - 1 x Bird Cage

  • - 1 x Manual


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