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Waterproof PVC Pet Leash

Waterproof PVC Pet Leash

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Specifications: S: Leash Length 5m , width 1.5cm
M: Leash Length 10m , width 1.5cm
L: Leash Length 5m , width 2.0cm
XL: Leash Length 10m , width 2.0cm
XXL: Leash Length 5m , width 2.5cm
XXXL: Leash Length 10m , width 2.5cm

Description: Waterproof PVC Material Easy to clean ; This leash suitable for long distance dog release, lead pet, enabling the owner to control pet distance, ideal for going out to use.for teddy ,chihuahua, poodle,Pomeranian, Bichon Frise,Pitbull Bulldog, Labrador, German Shepherd , Husky small Medium Large big Dogs


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