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Tooth Cleaning Durable Dog Chew Toy

Tooth Cleaning Durable Dog Chew Toy

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  • [Safe & High Durability]:this dog chew toys Made of High hardness Nylon and high toughness TPR, can sustain with 500 lb of machine pull Safe, It's bite-resistant ,Eco-friendly, Non-toxic. Durable Indestructible and aggressive chewers, good for molars & teeth cleaning. Ensure your dog can play and chew it safely, and easy to clean.

  • 【2 in 1 dog Toys design】- On the Dog Chew Toothbrush Teeth Cleaning Toys with high low layered sharp tooth cleaning mechanism, designed for the dog's different tooth shape, perfect for molars and Strong tartar。 On the Dog toothbrush stick also with unique tooth cleaning design. This upgraded design stimulate gums and reduces plaque and tartar, can make the deep cleaning of teeth, clean dental plaque which hides in the dead corner, remove it, and prevent decay. to promote healthy teeth

  • [ Unique DESIGN ]: Unique Proprietary Design Hollow in the middle and also a side of teeth cleaning aisle, allow you to put toothpaste or other treats to arouse dog's interests or clean dog's teeth. The dog toothbrush toy is soft enough to prevent damage to the dog's gums, it can help them to clean teeth and protect them from oral diseases.

  • 【Fun toys】:Using this aggressive chewers dog toys to release anxious& longly mood while your dog is bored and prevent furniture or sofa from damaging, besides, you can put the snacks or such as peanut butter inside the dog chew toys, take this dog bite toy to play throw & fetch games, to train your dog's jumping reaction ability. You can enjoy a happy time with your lovely dog.


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