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Saltwater Coral Reef Growing Aquarium Lamp

Saltwater Coral Reef Growing Aquarium Lamp

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Brand Name: PopBloom


Fixure: Clip-On

Type: fish

Width: 12cm x 12cm x 5.5cm

Power: 100 W

WiFi support: Android/iOS (2.4GHz Wi-Fi network )

Control Way: APP Cloud-Control, Group Control

Application: SPS LPS, Reef Coral, Soft & Hard Coral, Fish

Suitable Tank: 1 lamp coverage area 60cm x 60cm

Color: White

Wattage: 100W (Each Lamp)

Feature: Highest PAR, Best Spectrum, Smart Fan

PAR: 720 PAR@25CM

Simulation: Sunrise_set, Storm, Lunar Cycle, 4 Seasons

Channels: 4 channels with 1% dimmable

Program Mode: 16 Time Point In Each Channels do own Setting

Adapter: AC 100-265 V Wordwide Suitable

Warranty: 2-year warranty


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