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Pet Heater W/ Adjustable Temperature

Pet Heater W/ Adjustable Temperature

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1、Wide Range of Uses: Suitable for birds, parrots, reptiles, bearded dragons, tortoises, hamsters and other small animals or cats and dogs. Special heating lamps suitable for various animals and seasons. It can adapt to various humid ecological environments.
2、High Quality: High temperature resistant and sturdy metal shell structure suitable for daily use. Galvanized iron ring anti-bite ring, safer to use. The ceramic heater does not emit light. It can be used for heating during the day or at night without affecting the normal rest of the pet.
3、Smart Remote Control: 30 seconds of rapid heating, easy temperature adjustment, 3 meters remote control distance, can provide different degrees of heat to meet your needs.
4、Easy to Use and Install: The metal mesh lampshade is easy to open and close. It can be installed on the top or outside the cage.


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