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Natural Wood Scratching Ramp

Natural Wood Scratching Ramp

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  • PREVENT FURNITURE SCRATCHING: This 2-in-1 cat scratch pad and wooden ramp features a cat scratcher carpet that your cats will absolutely adore. Helps protect your furniture, wall, and rug from cat scratches. You can use this cat ramp to encourage your cat or dog to reach the sofa or bed.
  • REPLACEABLE SCRATCH PAD: The carpet scratching pad slides out, so it is easily replaced after regular wear and tear. Made from long-lasting fabric that won't litter your floor like a cardboard pad, or topple over like a cat tree or cat scratching post. The carpet provides maximum paw grip, and a large, scratchy surface that your cat will love!
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: The  incline is adjustable, with two available height settings of 12 and 16 inches tall to allow your cat to get to elevated areas, such as beds or a couch. Unlike other cat scratchers for indoor cats,  helps your cat upstairs, into the car, up the bedside, or onto the couch with you. Suitable for large, medium, or small cats. Foldable. Portable and easy to travel with.
  • LARGE & STURDY: Unlike some other pet ramps, the  is handmade from extra-high-quality pine wood. A ribbed, carpeted safety walking surface provides traction. This makes it perfect for pets that are unable or unwilling to use stairs. 32.5" long x 14" wide.
  • THE BEST CAT ACCESSORIES: We know you care deeply about your pet, so we strive to provide exceptional pet supplies and outstanding service. Spoil your cat with our 2-in-1  cat scratcher ramp today! Use catnip or toys to encourage your cat to use the ramp


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