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Litter Box Enclosure for Cats

Litter Box Enclosure for Cats

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  • High-end Fashion: 3:1 cat litter furniture aesthetic ratio design, the cat cabinet is pure color and simple, delicate and silky touch.
  • Outer Cat Door: The exclusive design can be opened and closed to increase the privacy of the cat. Close the door to block cat litter, and open the door to facilitate cleaning of the litter box enclosure.
  • Inner Cat Door: It is designed in the same proportion as the outer cat door of the litter box furniture, facing the litter box, making it convenient for cats to enter and exit the cat washroom.
  • Ventilation Grille: The litter box cabinet adopts 3 grille air convection design, which can control indoor odor and keep the inside of the litter cabinet fresh and breathable, enhancing lighting.
  • P2 Eco-friendly Materials: Green and healthy, the litter enclosure is 15mm thick and weighs 30KG, which ensures the sturdy and durability of the cat litter box enclosure furniture.


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