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LED Aquarium Light W/ Flexible Head

LED Aquarium Light W/ Flexible Head

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1. The all-aluminum alloy lamp body has relatively increased heat dissipation scales, and the heat dissipation efficiency is greatly improved;
Simulate sunlight, restore real aquatic plants;
2. Independent switch, adjustable brightness: 10%, 32%, 55%, 77%, 100%.
3. Three modes of adjustable light: white light, white light + blue light + red light together, blue light + red light. Adjustable timing: 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours;
4.5730LED lamp beads, stable lighting, smooth spectrum, soft light;

Voltage:AC100-240V, 50- 60HZ (SZD-F2, SZD-F3). DC5V (USB powered, SZD-F1)
Clip Type:Knob type
Fit For The Aquarium with 1-5mm glass thickness


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