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Giggle Bounce Food Dispenser Ball

Giggle Bounce Food Dispenser Ball

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  • 【Premium Quality】- The dog chew ball is made of high-quality food-grade rubber, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. High-density flexible rubber effectively improves resistance to bite, prevents from being tearing apart, wear-resistant and durable.

  • 【Inbuilt Bell】- Double-layer structure, there are several round and triangular holes distribute on the surface. You can put some dog food into the ball, roll the toy ball and let the food fall out, can effectively control feeding speed of the dog to prevent indigestion. Equipped with built-in bell, when the dog 5toy ball rolls, it will make a sound, provides long-lasting entertainment and brings a lot of fun for your beloved pet.

  • 【High Bounce】- The bouncy ball can bounce easily even on the grass. It greatly inspires dog's hunting instinct to chase the ball, in this regard, the dog sound toy can better train pet's agility.

  • 【Teeth Grinding】- The dog toy rubber ball has appropriate hardness and perfect size to bite, does not cause any harm, safe for dog to play with. Effective in teeth cleaning & grinding, helps to freshen the breath of the pet.

  • 【Interactive】- Dog food dispenser ball is ideal for interactive fun for most dogs, keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated. It has a great effect on promoting interaction between owners and pets so as to deepen the emotion.


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