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Foldable Litter Box Large

Foldable Litter Box Large

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Spacious for cats to use comfortably. Suitable for kittens or full-grown cats.
Front and top entry, kittens can come in/ out freely as per their choice. 
Hollow holes footboard, remove litter particles from cat’s paws.
Enclose design, effectively prevent odor out and retain it in the box.
2 in 1, enclosed box with cushion pad on the top, use together or separately.
Enclose litter box gives your cats a private and safe area to toilet, do their ‘business’ .
Comes a cushion pad on the top so the kitten can rest or sleep.
Includes a scoop to sift through the litter trash and hangs conveniently on the side. 
The drawer is easy to drawn out for clean or refreshing new cat litter.
Portable for home use, detachable when not in use, easy to set up.
Made from durable PP + polyester, eco-friendly safe and more stable.


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