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Foldable Doggy Steps

Foldable Doggy Steps

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1、【Sturdy & Durable】Wear-resistant & heavy-duty, this Dog Stairs Foldable Storage is also designed with a non-slip pad to make sure your pet's safety when climbing on it and ensures a longer service life.
2、【Easily Washable】This Dog Stairs Portable has a removable non-slip pad that is easily washable with common cleaning measures, saving you worry about the difficulty to clean dirty pads after a long time using.
3、【For Small Pets】Designed especially for small and old pets who have difficulty climbing on the sofa or bed, this Foldable Pet Storage Stairs has a three-level step design for your pets to climb easily without hurting their joints by reducing the pressure on their paws and joints.
4、【For Pet Supplies Contain】This Pet Storage Stairs can not only serve as a ladder for high places but can also be used to store pet supplies like pet toys, pet food and so on under the first 2 steps, covered with a removable cover.
5、【Wide Applications】This Pet Steps with Storage is lightweight and foldable, which means it is suitable for many occasions. You can easily carry and use it for the bed, the sofa or the car, for both indoor and outdoor use, or use it as a storage case.
These Foldable Pet Storage Stairs are made of wear-resistant & heavy-duty cloth, designed with a non-slip pad and three-level steps for your pet to climb on beds, sofas, cars, or other places easily without hurting its joints, especially for small and aged pets.
Name: Foldable Pet Storage Stairs
Material: Cloth
Size: About 68*35*33cm/26.77*13.78*12.99inch


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