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Durable Brushing Stick Toy

Durable Brushing Stick Toy

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  • UNIQUE DESIGN: Different molar bumps, for brushing different sizes of dogs and their different teeth. The serrated grooves help clean tartar in the back teeth more effectively.

  • SAFE & HEALTHY: Made from tear-resistant TPR-Thermoplastic Rubber, more reliable than normal rubber, also it does not have a bitter taste or a strong rubber smell. The dog toys are safe and durable.

  • DURABLE & QUALITY: UPDATED EXTREMELY DURABLE design and added brushing surfaces for maximal brushing effect. Dog chew toys are long-lasting and provide months of tooth brushing and play.

  • BRUSH THEIR OWN TEETH: After adding toothpaste or favorite food on the grooves, let your dogs brush their own teeth and freshen their own breath! You will no longer be bothered by how to brush your baby dog’s teeth.


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