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Cactus Shaped Chew Toy

Cactus Shaped Chew Toy

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  • 【Non-toxic & Soft & Highly Chewy】- This dog toothbrush chew toy is made of 100% NON-TOXIC TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) and comes with a removable COTTON rope to make sure it’s Soft and Safe enough Not to hurt your four-legged friend’s gum as well as their health

  • 【Keep Dog’s Teeth Healthy】- Does your dog hate teeth brushing? Not only does this chew toy brush their teeth, but it also allows dogs to do it ON THEIR OWN! This dog’s toothbrush toy features rows of “ cactus thorns” in different sizes, and gently and effectively scrapes away the dog’s fangs, an incisor, molar teeth from top to bottom, removing tartar, food residue, dental plaque..and his bad breath

  • 【Ease Dog's Stress? It Can Help!】- Fill the channel with his/her favorite treats and attract him/her to bite. Keeping chewing on the toothbrush toy keeps your anxious dogs busy and entertained for hours when you are not with them, while stopping teething puppies or stressed-out dogs from destroying your furniture. How simple it is to kill two birds with one stone

  • 【Easy To Use】- Simply remove the rope, squeeze the pet's toothpaste into the channel, allow dogs to chew on it and brush his/her teeth. You can also stuff the channel with dog food or any attractants to attract dogs to play with the dog rope toy for hours of fun (Note: keep the brushing time-controlled within 20 minutes)

  • 【Perfect For 2-45kg Dogs】 - As large as a smartphone, the dog teeth cleaning toy can safely and comfortably fit in dog's mouth, perfect for small, medium and large dogs including Golden Retrievers, Labradors, Beagles, Chihuahuas, Shepherd, Bichons and more


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