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Bird Chirping Rolling Ball

Bird Chirping Rolling Ball

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Strong driver - Out cat toys could easily go across from ceramic tile, wooden, low rug even high pile carpet, It rarely gets stuck in corners, help you entertaining high-energy cat for hours!
Auto shut off - Works 5 minutes and goes into sleep mode if cats aren't playing with it and wakes up once (after 2h) in while to see if they are now interested
Wake-up features - pets could make toys activate by paw's touch, motion cat toys will help interacts cats when you are out
THREE working mode - Fast speed or slow speed, interactive mode will only reaction when pet pat it.Definitely recommend for outgoing cats.(Blue lights - fast mode, purple lighs - slow mode, yellow lights - interactive mode)
Chirping cat toys - realistic bird song could attract cats intersted in this game, voice could be turn off by quickly press button twice
Easily clean - just need to wash up the fur stuck to it's gears once in a while.


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