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32.5 Aquarium Kit W/ LED

32.5 Aquarium Kit W/ LED

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The 32 5 gallon  freshwater kit Black provides an exceptionally Artistic sophistication to any room It stands in The aquarium itself features a curved front face for unique unobstructed viewing possibilities In addition to the stylish Aquarium which has ample room for your fish friends the Kit also comes with an aqua sky LED lighting system that can be fully controlled through a mobile device for optimal freedom of use The lighting system contains high power RGBW lad's and provides multiple dynamic effects such as multiple weather effects such as rain and thunderstorms and utilizes a 24-hour light timer so that aquarists can accurately replicate the natural cycle of the sun and moon for your tank inhabitants As well The  freshwater kit offers a powerful 3 stage filtration system using mechanical biological and chemical filtration with 2 independent multi-stage media chambers for the most effective cleaning possible Additional features include a Flip up door for feeding and an easily removable cover for quick access for maintenance Wattage for the lighting system is 21 watts


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